What you should know about feeding your ferret.

Love ferrets? To keep your ferret his normal, playful self, make sure you’re meeting his dietetic and nutritional needs. Here are a few facts about feeding your ferret:

  • As carnivores who can’t absorb nutrition from vegetation, ferrets need a diet high in animal protein, high in fat and low in fiber.
  • It’s important to include high-quality animal protein in a ferret’s diet. A premium ferret food is recommended.
  • Ferrets digest and metabolize food quickly and so should eat small meals often. Think of them as small athletes who need 7 to 10 meals a day. For this reason, make sure there is constant access to food and fresh water.
  • Dry food is best as it can be left out all day. Use canned food or meat-based treats as occasional ferret treats or supplements.
  • These active, mischievous creatures like to tip things over. Be sure to use a heavy or weighted food bowl and a water bottle attached to the cage.

Keep your ferret healthy and active with a safe diet and loving attention!

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