How to train your dog not to jump

Admit it. When you first got your dog, you thought it was cute when he jumped up in excitement at your arrival. But now that he’s grown, it doesn’t seem so cute.

In fact, it may be quite a problem, especially if he’s a big dog or if he jumps on guests. It’s not too late to train your dog to stop jumping. But first you should understand why he does it.

The most common reason, of course, is to get attention. That’s not a surprise, but what may surprise you is that it’s likely you’ve been reinforcing his behavior. Even if you push him away or tell him to stop, your dog will feel rewarded by your attention. In his mind, any attention is good attention and he’ll continue his behavior.

Train him out of that behavior with the tips below.

Train Your Pup to Stay Seated

  • Don’t respond. Avoid the temptation to give your dog love when he jumps on you. Positive reinforcement leads to repetitive behavior.
  • Don’t respond negatively either. Your dog can view any response, positive or negative, as getting your attention. Even yelling or pushing him off can be positive reinforcement for him.
  • Walk away. When your dog jumps on you, ignore him until he stops and sits. Once he stops, give him attention. By doing this, your dog won’t feel jumping can earn your attention.
  • Ask your dog to sit before he gets any attention. This will teach him that only when he sits will you give him the attention he seeks.
  • Always keep your cool, even when you’re praising him. Don’t get your dog overexcited when he sits, as this may entice him to jump. Likewise, don’t yell at him to sit down.
  • Make sure everyone who interacts with your dog abides by the same rules.

Follow these tactics and your dog should welcome you home more calmly in no time. We are here to help! Visit your Pet Supermarket store for all your pet care needs.

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