If only we could cuddle with our pups all day long. We all have to go to work, but your dog may not understand why you’re leaving and this can lead to separation anxiety and stress.

Try these tips to help your pup cope while you’re at work:

Tire Him

While some breeds are perfectly content with sleeping all day (the greyhound is famous for being a couch potato) others are not. High-energy breeds, like border collies, West Highland Terriers and others like to be active. If yours is active, keep him out of mischief by tiring him before you head out the door.

Take him on a long walk, play a few games of fetch or let him run around your yard. The more energy he exerts before you leave, the more likely he’ll stay out of trouble between the hours of 9 and 5.

Offer Toys & Activities

Offer treat-filled toys in hidden places, puzzle toys or his favorite rawhide bones. The more opportunities he has to entertain himself while you’re out, the better.

Check In

If possible, check in on your dog during the day, especially when you first begin leaving him home alone. Can you drop in during your lunch break to give him some play time? If not, try to get someone else to check in on your pooch to ensure he’s holding up well.

Webcam Video Chat

Believe it or not, you don’t need a fancy camera setup to check in on your pet with a webcam. With Skype, a free app, you can set up a laptop to automatically answer your call and turn on video so you can peek in and even talk to your dog while you’re away! Here are instructions.

For lots of entertaining toys and treats, visit your local Pet Supermarket.

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