Your pup might not have nine lives, but you can help him live a longer, healthier life with these preventive care tips…

Keep your pet at a healthy weight
Obesity is a big pet problem. In fact, it’s the top nutritional disease among pets. To avoid it, keep Fido lean with exercise and a healthy diet. Being overweight can shorten his life by as much as two years, due to heart disease, diabetes and other ailments.

Feed him a balanced, nutritious diet
Your pup’s overall health will improve with a high quality diet. It’ll show too. You’ll notice not only his shiny coat, healthy skin and bright eyes, but also a stronger immune system, healthy joints and more.

Get preventive help from your vet
Nothing beats a yearly exam to maintain your friend’s good health and find problems early. Of course, you should also vaccinate your pup against diseases such as distemper, parvo and rabies. Find an in-store vet clinic at your nearest Pet Supermarket for vaccinations at affordable rates.

Fight parasites
Did you know swallowing a flea could cause your dog to get tapeworms? It’s one of the most common internal parasites for pets. Fleas can also irritate skin and lead to hair loss or hot spots. Keep Fido parasite free with one of the many flea-control products available.

Clean those teeth
You might joke about your pet’s “doggy breath” but that bad breath can be a sign of dental disease. What might seem like a little problem now can lead to a big one later, such as dental pain and even heart and kidney disease. It’s worth spending a little time cleaning his teeth and offering dental chews.

Our four-legged family members depend on us. These tips make it clear that preventive care is the key to ensuring our pets live happy, healthy lives!

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