Bird Keeping Basics for Beginners

Their vibrant hues and chirping melodies make birds beautiful pets. But they’re also delicate creatures that need special care. Here are a few tips if you’re considering buying a bird or have just bought one for the first time…

  • Birds might be low maintenance compared to cats or dogs, but they need a longer term commitment and a few special accommodations in your home.
  • You’ll have to give up your non-stick pans, air fresheners, candles and cigarettes. Birds have very delicate respiratory systems and can be harmed by fumes and chemicals from these items.
  • Stay on top of your bird’s health needs. Birds don’t show signs of being sick until very late, so it’s best to focus on preventive health, including a good diet and a clean environment.
  • Feed your bird a diet that includes a nutritious bird food and species appropriate fresh foods as well.
  • Rise and shine! Birds arise with the sun so be prepared to rise early to their chirping.
  • Clean and refresh your bird’s cage, food and water bowls every day.
  • Commit some time to taming your bird and interacting with it. You’ll be rewarded and will enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years!
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