Facts of Bunny's teeth

  • A baby rabbit has 16 primary teeth.
  • Adult rabbits have a full set of 28 teeth. Those big front teeth are called incisors. There is also a pair of incisors at the front of the lower jaw.
  • Rabbits don’t have canine teeth, but they do have premolars and molars, also called “cheek teeth”.
  • Unlike our own teeth, rabbit teeth have no enamel and wear down quickly. Luckily, the nerves in rabbit teeth stop just below the gum line, so the constant wearing doesn’t cause any pain.
  • A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing throughout its life. All of a rabbit’s teeth have open roots, which enables their lifelong growing. Rabbits and rodents are the only animals with this type of tooth structure.
  • A rabbit’s teeth can grow 3 to 5 inches every year.
  • Rabbits have a strong instinct to gnaw, and pet rabbits should always be supplied with plenty of clean grass hay as well as wood branches or toys for gnawing, in order to prevent overgrowth of the incisors.
  • Rabbit’s teeth are made to wear down quickly, so an improper diet can cause problems with the teeth very quickly. Grass and other greens wear the teeth down much more than commercial pellets do. Pellets are chewed mostly with the cheek teeth, which only grinds part of the incisors and can result in tooth spurs that cause the rabbit a lot of pain and keep it from eating properly.
  • With a proper diet, a rabbit’s teeth won’t need much care, as the roughage in its diet will keep the incisors properly worn down and the chewing will keep the cheek teeth well aligned.
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