A dog with santa cap

The holiday season is upon us! Most pet parents include their furry best friends in the festivities, which can be fun for everyone involved.

However, while you’re celebrating, there are a few dangers to be aware of so that the holidays can be merry for everyone.

Decorations & Plants

  • Secure your Christmas tree so there’s no danger of it falling on your dog. Also make sure they don’t drink the tree water—the stagnant water can contain bacteria that make them sick.
  • Keep mistletoe and holly out of reach—they can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in pets.
  • Don’t leave lighted candles unattended—dogs could burn themselves, or start a fire if they knock one over.
  • Keep wires, batteries and glass or plastic ornaments out of reach.

Food Dangers

  • Avoid feeding your dog leftovers. Fatty, spicy and other human foods served during the holidays—especially bones—are dangerous. Be sure to keep an eye on unattended plates, as well as making sure the trash is secure.
  • Be sure to keep any chocolate safely out of reach, as it is dangerous for dogs. Xylitol is another ingredient that should be avoided.
  • Alcohol is definitely off limits! If ingested, your dog could become weak, ill and even go into a coma. Keep cocktails out of reach.

Party Time

  • If you have guests that are animal lovers, invite them to give your dog some attention with a walk or a petting session, especially if you’re busy preparing or entertaining.
  • Make sure all medications (yours and any your guests may bring into your home) are locked away and out of reach.
  • Make sure your dog has his own quiet space to retreat to, in case the party becomes too overwhelming.
  • As you count down to 2017, please be aware of the stress fireworks and noise poppers can cause to dogs. If your dog is one of the many who are terrified of the loud noises and booms, be prepared ahead of time with Pet Supermarket’s calming supplies. A Thundershirt works well for many dogs during fireworks (as well as thunderstorms). In addition, Pet Supermarket sells a variety of calming supplements and sprays—such as Head to Tail Calming—that can help your dog cope during times of extra stress.
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