As you enjoy your holiday meal with family and friends, it may be natural to want to share the holiday feast with your furry family.

While your pets certainly wouldn’t mind some extra holiday treats, there are a few foods that can pose a danger to your pets.

Holiday dangers:

  • Fatty food can lead to stomach upset and even pancreatitis in dogs. Don’t overindulge Fido with turkey skin, ham fat or other fatty foods, which could cause problems.
  • Beware of offering your dog meat bones. Turkey bones can puncture intestines and should be avoided.
  • Reduce temptation for your dog. Avoid leaving food or leftovers on an unsupervised table and keep a secure lid on the garbage can full of scraps.
  • Got a box of chocolates? Keep them away from your dog. Dark chocolate is especially harmful.
  • Sugarless candy with Xylitol is also very toxic for dogs and can cause liver failure.
  • Don’t leave gifts that might include candy under the tree or on a bed.
  • Never give your dog beverages with alcohol, which could cause respiratory and cardiac distress.

To reduce temptation, get Fido a few holiday dog treats of his own and offer those instead. Let your guests know to offer those treats as well to avoid any dangerous food.

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