Rabbits have a sweet tooth and love treats! Like most human children, they would choose sweets over healthy food if given the choice. While rabbits should eat a natural, vegetarian diet high in fiber, an occasional treat is ok as long as it is not full of sugar.

The best types of treats for your rabbit are natural sweet treats, such as fruit—a bite of banana or apple—or small bites of “sweet” vegetables, like carrots or broccoli.

Dried pineapple contains enzymes which help break down ingested fur. This should be given only in small doses due to its high sugar content. While fruit is considered healthy, it should still only be fed in small amounts. An approximate amount of fruit to feed your rabbit is a teaspoon per 2 lbs of body weight, daily—in one feeding or divided into multiple feedings. Pet Supermarket carries a variety of healthy treats for your rabbit. Some of our favorites include:

  • Kaytee Country Harvest Treat Blend: A delicious mix of wholesome fruits, nuts, grains & veggies
  • Vitakraft Rabbit Carrot Slims: Made with harvest fresh grains and carrots; easy to digest
  • Pets International Super Pet Apple Orchard Sticks: Real all-natural apple sticks, help keep your rabbit’s teeth healthy, clean and trim, made from sustainable tree sources

As a treat alternative, you can spoil your pet bunny with safe chewable toys. They’ll keep your bunny entertained and will last longer than a sweet treat. Pet Supermarket also has a wide variety of chew toys for your rabbit. You’ll be sure to find lots of options both in-store and online for keeping your bunny happy and healthy.

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