Holiday safety for pets

Planning to share the joy of the holiday season with your furry friend? It can be an exciting time for all, but there are a few pet holiday hazards to keep in mind.

Holiday food: Your pup would love a table scrap or two, but holiday food is too fatty and spicy and may affect his diet. Turkey bones pose an even bigger hazard as they can splinter. Skip the holiday meal and give him a special dog treat instead.

Christmas tree: A decorated tree can be an irresistible temptation for pets, especially cats. Hanging tinsel, ball-like globes and wrapped packages may seem pounce-worthy, not to mention the tree itself. Keep the tree as secure as you can, with items out of reach and beware of harmful preservatives in the tree water. Also, avoid keeping gifts with ribbons or wrapped food items under the tree.

Poinsettias & holiday plants: Holiday plants add festive décor, but they can be toxic. Avoid mistletoe, holly and other holiday plants or better yet, use artificial varieties.

Holiday gifts and decorations: Although pretty, ribbon, garland and tinsel should be avoided as decorations on gifts or in the home. They’re too tempting and can cause intestinal blockages if swallowed by your pet.

Holiday candles and lighting: Don’t underestimate the dangers of lit menorahs and holiday candles. Fires are caused every year by pets knocking over lit candles. Secure all electrical cords as well.

Holiday stress: While it’s the season to visit with family and friends, guests and noisy holiday celebrations can also stress your pet. Give him a quiet room or area where he can retreat, get food or water and stay away from the activity.

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