Whether your pooch loves curling up on the furniture or in your bed, you should consider getting him his own place to rest.

It may seem like your dog is getting the royal treatment by sleeping in your bed, but the truth is, he may not be getting everything he needs from this sleeping spot. A bed made for dogs is a much better idea. Here’s why:

Your bed signifies comfort and security to you, but your pup may actually feel a bit vulnerable in it. A human bed is big and dogs feel most secure when they’re in close quarters.

A dog bed that is just the right size for your pup will make him feel more secure. Plus, he won’t have to contend with you accidentally kicking him in the night and you won’t have to deal with him stealing the covers.

Added Warmth
What could be warmer than your dog’s fur coat? Believe it or not, not all breeds have a coat that’s warm enough to protect them from the cold. A dog bed can provide the extra insulation Fido needs to keep warm, especially in the winter. Throw in a blanket and he’ll never want to leave his cozy nest.

Just like you need a good bed to support your bones, joints and back, so does your dog. A bed designed for your pup will provide him with the joint support he needs.

It can also help relieve arthritis, which is more common among large breeds. Orthopedic dog beds are especially helpful in this case and are also good for senior dogs, thin breeds and heavy dogs, which can develop pressure sores and callouses on their joints.

Protect Your Bed & Furniture
Your pooch can’t help but leave some fur, dirt and dander behind. He may also leave his “signature” scent. Train him to sleep in a dog bed instead and protect your furniture. There are also many dog beds available with washable covers for easy cleaning.

Different dog bed types to consider:

  • Standard beds with cushions
  • Donut dog beds with soft bolsters around the edges
  • Nest dog beds with raised rims
  • Orthopedic dog beds with support
  • Covered or hooded dog beds, good for small breeds
  • Raised dog beds, which sit on raised frames

Do your dog a favor and give him his own bed. He’ll still feel like a pampered pooch with a place of his own!

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