The battle against fleas has begun and this battle can’t be won unless you treat your home and yard as well as your pet.

Here are our top tips for products that fight fleas at home…

Fighting Fleas Indoors
Your best bets for the indoor battle are carpet sprays, upholstery sprays, foggers and good cleaning.

  • Kill adults and flea eggs with indoor sprays. These sprays work to kill fleas in two stages of the flea life cycle. They contain adulticide flea killers, which kill adult fleas shortly after contact. They also use insect growth regulators to target flea eggs and pupae. The adulticide has a residual effect that kills emerging adults for a few weeks as well. For the best results, use sprays on floors, carpets, rugs, and along baseboards and walls, as well as on upholstered furniture, drapes and pet bedding. Once the application is dry, it’s safe for pets to be in the treated area.
  • For severe home infestations, foggers are best. Foggers also use adulticides and insect growth regulators to kill fleas, flea larvae, and flea eggs (not to mention ants, roaches and other pests), but can last for up to seven months. All people and pets must be out of the home for one hour while the fogger is spraying. Air out your home for two hours afterwards.
  • Don’t forget to clean before and after. While these products are effective, it’s important to clean and vacuum frequently and wash pet bedding as well to remove as many fleas and flea eggs as possible. Repeat the entire spray and clean process again in two weeks to be sure you catch fleas that have hatched since the first spray.

The Outdoor Battle
While treating your home, don’t forget your outdoor yard and patio!

  • Keep your yard pest free with a flea spray. For outdoors, Adams Yard Spray is a very effective flea-killing agent. One 32-ounce bottle will treat up to 5,000 square feet. Spray it evenly over grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers. Don’t forget to spray in dog houses, beneath trees, shrubbery, bushes and beneath your deck or porch. Besides fleas, it also kills and repels mosquitoes, which are carriers of heartworm.

Remember, the fleas you see on your dog might only make up 5% of the flea population in your home. It’s important to treat and clean for a few weeks to rid your home of fleas. Visit your local Pet Supermarket for help choosing the right products.

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