Driving Safely with Fido.

Most dogs like taking a ride in the car (especially if they’re going to Pet Supermarket), but it’s important to remember a few tips to make sure both you and your friend arrive at your destination safely:

Dog distractions can be dangerous

According to AAA, looking away from the road for only two seconds doubles your risk of a crash. Yet in a survey, more than 55% of drivers admit to petting their dog while driving and 21% allow their dog to sit in their lap. It may seem harmless, but it could be dangerous. To avoid distractions, it’s safest to keep Fido in the back seat.

Restraints are recommended

AAA says only 17% of people use one, but restraints protect your pet in case of an accident. They also protect other passengers since an unrestrained dog can become a flying projectile during a crash. A fender bender or hard stop can cause a small dog to be launched forward as well. Pet Supermarket stores carry a full line of Coastal Easy Rider Car Harnesses in all sizes.

Keep your dog’s head inside

Your canine buddy may enjoy hanging his head out the window, but it’s not safe for a couple of reasons. First, road debris can fly into your dog’s ears, nose or eyes, causing injury or irritation. Also, your dog might be tempted to jump out or could fall out during an accident.

Safe car restraints for your dog

Whether you’re going on a road trip or driving around the corner, there are a few things you can use to make the trip safe for everyone.

  • A crate or carrier. There are a broad variety of crates and travel carriers available. If you use a soft-sided crate or small carrier, make sure it’s secured in your car.
  • A dog restraint or dog seat belt. These restraints attach to your car’s seatbelt system and are tested for the same safety standards as human seatbelts.
  • A dog car seat. Just like a child car seat, it will secure your pup with a three-point restraint system and allow him to see out the window.
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