Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Is he happy? Is he sad? Is he feeling unsure about himself?

Even though your pup can’t speak, he gives you cues to how he’s feeling, especially with his tail. Dogs use their tails for more than just balance. They also use them to communicate.

When you come home from work, your pooch’s tail might be wagging quickly. When you go to the vet, however, his tail might hang low and move slowly. The difference in position and movement will let you know his reaction, but keep in mind these positions may vary for breeds with curly tails or naturally low tails. Read on to discover what your dog’s tail can tell you.

Happy Pup
Is your dog’s tail perched up high and wagging quickly? If so, he’s feeling very happy! You’ll most likely see this reaction when you arrive home, when you’re getting ready to go for a walk or when you’re about to throw his favorite ball.

Feeling in Control
If your dog’s tail is standing tall and rigid, he’s letting you know he thinks he’s hot stuff. When a dog feels dominant or in control of a situation, his tail, and his entire body, will be at attention.

Tread Lightly
Be cautious and back off when you see a dog standing alert with his tail perched high and wagging slowly. This is a sign of a dog standing guard and may be a forewarning of aggressive behavior.

Feeling Submissive
If your dog’s tail drops down or is tucked between his legs, he’s feeling submissive. Think of his tail as the proverbial white flag; it’s his sign of surrender.

If you’re wondering how your dog is feeling, look at his tail. And if you’d like to see his tail wagging rapidly, bring home his favorite treats and toys from Pet Supermarket.

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