How your dog show's affection

They are called “man’s best friend” for good reason. Dogs are affectionate creatures, and it’s because of their unconditional love that we keep them by our sides.

Here are just a few of the ways dogs show affection for their humans.

  • Tail Wagging
    Perhaps one of the most obvious signs of happiness, a wagging tail signifies pure joy. If the mere sight of you prompts your dog’s tail to wag, that’s a pretty sure sign that he’s very fond of you.
  • Leaning
    A dog leaning on you means they consider you someone who can protect them and keep them safe, as well as a way of showing their affection by wanting to be close to you and seeking attention.
  • Cuddling
    It’s no question that dogs are motivated by food. But the thing your dog does immediately after eating is a telling sign of what’s important to him. If your dog cuddles with you right after eating, that’s a good sign of puppy love.
  • Sleeping in your room or in your bed
    Regardless of how you feel about your dog sleeping in your bed and whether you allow it, if your dog has the option to sleep near you and chooses to do so, that’s a display of affection and loyalty.
  • Following you around
    Dogs are social creatures, so they want to be with their pack. If your dog follows you around, he is clearly devoted to you and wants to be wherever you are.

According to studies, dogs can sense your love for them, which they return to you. The dog-human bond is indeed very special.

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