The cold winds of Old Man Winter are blowing in and you aren’t the only one who will feel the chill. Just because your dog is covered in fur doesn’t mean he won’t get cold as well.

Keep your pooch warm, cozy and safe this winter with these helpful tips for cold weather safety.

Keep him inside
Though your dog may enjoy spending time outdoors, limit his time outside when the weather turns frightful. The longer he’s exposed to cold temperatures, ice and snow, the greater the chance he will suffer from the effects of the cold.

Adjust his diet
Offer him a premium pet food diet, that is high in protein and consider a supplement with essential fatty acids. This will help thicken his coat and keep him warmer when the temperatures drop.

Mind his water
You know your dog should always have a supply of fresh water. During winter, check his water regularly to make sure it doesn’t freeze. Switching his metal water bowls to plastic can help and will keep his tongue from sticking to the bowl as well.

Give him a pedicure
Keeping a pup’s nails trimmed is always important, but when it’s cold outside, it’s also crucial to make sure the hair between his toes is trimmed. Salt and sand that’s used to thaw snow can get stuck to the fur, which can be extremely uncomfortable for your pooch.

Winter wear
Is your dog a short-coated breed? A dog sweater may help keep him warm during his outdoor walks.

Be careful with antifreeze
Every year, there are cases of antifreeze poisoning. Dogs are attracted to its sweet taste, but it’s very harmful if ingested. Make sure you wipe up any spills and store antifreeze safely.

We hope these tips will help you enjoy a safe winter with your pet!

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