Cats are creatures of routine, and can become very stressed when their environment changes. Due to their superior senses, even very small differences are detected and can cause stress. Here’s a thought to help put that stress into perspective—your home is your cat’s entire world.

Here are some tips to help keep your cat calm and stress-free.

  • Play with him. Physical activity can reduce stress and increase the hormones that cause happiness. A 10-15 minute play session can help you both feel better!
  • Use a pheromone diffuser (that releases scents into the air that cats can smell but humans can’t) or a calming supplement. Pet Supermarket carries a variety of these calming supplies, such as Head To Tail Calming Treats. These calming treats are suitable for all ages and breeds, and are an all-natural way to relieve stress without the risk of drowsiness, or impaired motor skills.
  • Try playing some music. Soft music with a slow rhythm can help relax your cat. Many people have had success with classical music, but almost any genre played at a low volume can help your cat de-stress.
  • Give your cat a box. Anxious cats need a space that feels safe. Small, confined spaces like a box, or even your cat’s carrier with the door left open, can provide a feeling of safety. A box also has the added bonus of giving your cat a lookout spot as well as a place to hide.
  • Try a cat tree—a cat’s condo is a special place where dogs and humans can’t fit. Having a place to climb up high allows for an escape as well as a perch to observe any perceived dangers or threats.

While it’s best to keep interruptions in your cat’s life to a minimum, changes are inevitable. But with a little preparation and time, you can help your cat adjust with minimal stress and anxiety.

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