How You Can Volunteer with Pets.

There are six to eight million pets in shelters each year, according to the Humane Society. We know that many of our customers adopt shelter pets, care for them responsibly and provide them with great lives.

But did you know you can do more? Besides offering a donation, you can also offer your time as a volunteer. Here are a few things you can do to help pets in your area:

Volunteer at a shelter

Shelters are in desperate need of volunteers to help care for animals at their facilities. Just one or two hours a week of your time is enough to make a difference in the lives of shelter animals who need feeding, bathing, petting and socializing. You can also ask about providing administrative support work from home.

  • Visit the Humane Society to learn about local volunteer needs.
  • See the ASPCA’s Top Ten Ways to Help Your Shelter.
  • Visit Enter “animals” and your zip code for opportunities in your area.

Help an animal rescue group

  • Rescue groups are small, independent organizations working to rescue a particular type of animal or breed. Your help as a pet foster parent is needed for those pets who are waiting for adoption. Donations of food and supplies are helpful as well.Use the ASPCA’s tool to find a rescue group or shelter in your area.

Join an animal disaster response team

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy highlights the need for volunteers who are ready to respond after natural disasters or emergencies. Animals are often lost, abandoned or hurt during these events and need special care. As a team member, you could be called into action to rescue these pets. Learn about the Humane Society’s animal rescue training program in your area.

Support animal rights with online activism

If you can’t volunteer time at a shelter, you can still do your part from home. Email lawmakers to support animal-friendly legislation or help spread the word online to raise awareness about animal rights.

  • Visit the ASPCA’s Advocacy Center for more information.
  • Learn about the Humane Society’s advocacy efforts in your state.

Ready to take action? There are many things you can do from home or at shelters to support animals! Pet Supermarket works with many rescue groups to provide pet adoption events in our stores. Stop by to see these adoptable pets or to speak with the organizations about volunteering.