Why You Should Spay or Neuter an Indoor Cat.

Once you bring your cute, new kitten or cat home, you might think you have plenty of time to have them spayed or neutered. But here are a few things you might not know:

  • Your female kitten can get pregnant as soon as she’s 6 months old.
  • Female cats can have up to 3 litters a year.
  • One cat can have 100 kittens in her lifetime.
  • Male cats can sire hundreds of kittens in their lifetimes.

These numbers make a compelling case for spaying or neutering. We list a few more reasons below.

Spaying or neutering your cat will:

Help prevent pet overpopulation
You can help save lives by preventing unwanted litters. Millions of cats and dogs are left at shelters every year and an uncounted number live as stray animals with shorter lifespans.

Keep your cat healthier
Spaying your cat will reduce the risk of certain cancers and infections, especially if it’s done before puberty or before a feline’s first litter. It’s a common myth that a pet should have her first litter or heat before being spayed. But in fact, there are greater benefits to having it done before she reaches puberty. It’s an easier medical procedure at that time as well.

Prevent territorial spraying
Neutering or spaying early is the best way to prevent spraying. This hormonal urge starts once a cat reaches puberty, but if fixed, a cat might never learn to spray.

Decrease aggressiveness or howling
Your cat’s behavior can improve with sterilization as well. Female cats won’t howl all night from being in heat, for example, and male cats are generally less aggressive and territorial.

There are many low-cost spay/neuter programs available.
Programs around the country now offer low-cost options. Contact your local Humane Society for referrals.

If you haven’t spayed or neutered your cat, consider doing so now. It will help her live a longer, healthier life and will lead to a better experience for you and your pet overall.