Why give your cat treats

Playing with your feline friend and petting her are great ways to show your affection. Another way to share your love is by giving her treats – nutritious treats.

There’s no doubt you feed your cat a well-balanced diet, so you may be wondering why you should add treats as well. Read on for a few reasons why it may help.

Change Things Up
Everyone likes variety in their diet, even cats. Giving your furry friend a treat of a different flavor will change things up and can add a little excitement to the menu.

Keep Teeth Clean
Dental hygiene is as important for cats as it is for dogs, but brushing a cat’s teeth is a greater challenge. Instead of using a toothbrush, give your cat a treat to keep her teeth clean. Dental treats especially offer a firm surface that can help remove tartar and plaque.

Great for Training
Are you trying to teach your cat not to claw on the furniture or not to jump up on the countertops? If so, treats are great tools for positive reinforcement.

Reduce Stress
Has your cat suffered from an illness or an injury? Treats may help in this situation as well. Cats are often reluctant to eat after they’ve been sick or have been injured. Offer her soft, easy-to-chew treats that are packed with flavor and she’ll be more inclined to eat, which will help get her back on her regular diet.

Treats can be beneficial for you cat. Just be mindful of how many treats you give her, as too many can lead to a portly kitty!

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