How to get your bird to return to his cage.

Birds enjoy being out of their cages for playtime, exploration and freedom. But your bird may like it so much he resists when it’s time to return to his cage. If this sounds like your bird, here are a few tips.

  • Overall, make sure your bird sees his cage as a fun and safe place to be. Make sure he has plenty of space, food and fresh water. Don’t forget to rotate a variety of toys and activities for him as well. This will give him a new toy to play with when he returns to his cage.
  • Train him to understand that the fun isn’t necessarily over when he goes back to his cage. Have him step into the cage and come back out right after. Reinforce this at different times and give him a reward or treat.
  • Do you automatically leave the room after he returns to his cage? One reason for his resistance may be that he doesn’t want to lose your company. After placing him in the cage, spend a few moments giving him attention. Do this a few times to reinforce the fact that cage time doesn’t mean alone time.
  • Lure him with a favorite treat in his cage. You might find he’ll return home on his own.

It may take a while to change your bird’s behavior, but if you keep at it he’ll learn that the fun can continue in his cage. Get started with bird treats that are sure to lure him home!