Truth About Guinea Pigs
Children and families around the country have been enjoying a funny new adventure about guinea pig espionage agents called “G-Force.” Everyone expects misconceptions in a movie about spy animals. But while you know guinea pigs can’t talk, parachute or use spy gear, did you know they can’t climb or run in spinning balls either? They’re actually pretty fragile.

Unlike the movie characters, real guinea pigs:

  • Can’t run in balls or wheels made for hamsters – Guinea pigs don’t have flexible backs.
  • Don’t jump – A fall from a sofa or high area can paralyze them.
  • Aren’t hardy – They have delicate digestive systems and can get sick easily if not monitored.
  • Startle easily – A frightened guinea pig will often freeze.

With the movie now available on DVD, more families will see it and may even consider buying a guinea pig. But these animals, while cute and cuddly, aren’t really appropriate for young children.

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