Just as you would feed premium pet food to your dog or cat, you can also feed premium food to your fish. Premium food is frozen and offers the best diet for your fish. Here’s why…

  • Ingredients such as brine shrimp are similar to the food fish eat in their natural habitats.
  • It uses algin, a natural product derived from algae, as a binder
  • Frozen food allows fish to feed at their natural feeding levels
  • This all-natural food, with no fillers or dyes, can entice even finicky eaters
  • It’s free of harmful parasites and unwanted bacteria
  • A small amount is enough and results in less fecal matter, better water quality
  • Aquarists enjoy watching the feeding frenzy as fish devour this natural food

How to use frozen fish food:
Use this food as the staple of a healthy diet or as a rich treat to supplement a diet.

Frozen Cubes*
Drop each cube in the aquarium while still frozen. The cube will float for 6-8 seconds, then sink and break apart, allowing fish to feed at their natural levels. Feed often, but try not to overfeed. Use only what your fish will consume in three minutes. It’s best to remove any uneaten food afterwards and keep unused cubes in your freezer.

Frozen Flat Packs*
Break or cut small portions and thaw them in a cup, then pour the contents into your aquarium. Feed no more than your fish can consume in three minutes to avoid overfeeding. Remove uneaten food and keep the unused portion in your freezer.

Do not microwave frozen fish food or thaw it in hot water. This will break down the nutrients in the food. Pet Supermarket frozen fish foods are sold in stores.