Safety tips for pooches in pools.

Does your pooch love to swim? Whether he jumps in the water with glee or dips his toe in nervously, there are things you can do to ensure he’s safe.

Follow these safety precautions while at the pool, beach or lake this summer:

  • Never let your dog swim without supervision – Always keep a watchful eye on Fido, especially as he’s entering or leaving the water. He’s most vulnerable at these moments.
  • Buy your dog a life jacket – Just as humans can get exhausted, be overwhelmed by waves or get muscle cramps, so can dogs. A life jacket such as the Fido Float will help him stay afloat.
  • Mark the exit to the pool or lake – Dogs don’t have great depth perception and may not see the pool steps or shallow end. Mark the pool steps with a planter or float or provide a dog ramp. If you’re at a lake, stand on the shore side where he should exit.
  • Keep a life preserver nearby – Dogs who struggle or panic in the water could try to climb on anyone who comes to assist. If your dog is in need of help, bring a life preserver with you to assist your dog in the water.
  • After the swim – Did he have a good swim? Afterwards, offer drinking water and rinse him off to remove chlorine, dirt or bacteria. Be careful of leaving a wet collar on him. It might create a hot spot.

Are you and Fido ready for summer play time? With these precautions, your pooch should enjoy cooling off at the beach or in the pool. Visit your nearest store or for pet supplies and assistance.