Because they are a prey species, rabbits show behavior that is mostly dictated by instinct. Read on for a list of the top instinctual behaviors you’ll see from your rabbit and our tips.

Instinct 1: Digging – Rabbits love to dig holes and burrows as safe havens. The key to handling this behavior is to channel it away from your rugs and carpet and onto items meant for bunny digging. Your rabbit will enjoy scratching at and chewing untreated grass mats and tunnels, like the Hide-A-Way Hut.

Instinct 2: Burrowing – Your rabbit is a natural burrower and loves to create cozy spaces underground. Recreate an underground environment with grass tunnels for your rabbit to run through and relax in. We also suggest offering a large nesting area using a Giant Igloo.

Instinct 3: Chewing – Your rabbit’s teeth grow continuously. This helps explain why they like to chew; it’s a good way to keep tooth length in check. Chewing the wrong items, however, can put a rabbit in harm’s way. Carpet fibers can cause gastrointestinal distress, electrical cords can cause electrocution and some common houseplants are poisonous to rabbits. Offer any small animal chew instead.

Instinct 4: Tossing – Although there might not be a lot of documented sightings of wild rabbits throwing objects around, many have seen their rabbits toss around treats and other objects. Perhaps it’s their way of saying “Watch this!” Toss N Chew Celery and Flip ‘N Toss Carrot are just a few of the toys your rabbit might enjoy.