Keeping Your Bird's Beak Healthy.

A healthy bird has a healthy beak. And a healthy beak means your bird will use it like we use our hands, as it performs a multitude of vital tasks such grooming, feeding, and defending. Each bird has a beak with a distinct shape and design relating to its lifestyle and the type of food it normally eats.

Here are some signs of a healthy beak:

  • Smooth, symmetrical appearance
  • No peeling or unusual textures
  • No discolored areas
  • Proper beak length
  • The upper should align with the lower beak

Here are a few products that will help keep your bird’s beak in tip top shape:

A cuttlebone is not actually a bone, but rather the internal shell of a cuttlefish. It is a great source of calcium which helps strengthen the keratin that makes up your bird’s beak, and its texture is helpful in wearing down overgrown beaks. The cuttlebones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. It’s a great idea to keep one in your bird’s cage at all times.

Beak Conditioner
Made of natural lava stone, this block helps birds keep their beaks sharp and trimmed.

Manu Mineral Block
A natural, mineral-rich clay originating from the Manu River deep in the Amazon. This clay contains the nine essential minerals that birds crave, and its rough texture and odd shape also provides great exercise and conditioning of the bird’s beak.

Banana Mineral Treat
A treat and beak conditioner all in one! This banana-flavored treat provides the essential nutrients calcium and iodine, while also trimming and conditioning.