Is your home safe for your birds?

If you’re a new bird owner, then you need to make your entire home safe for your new friend. Here are some common things around the house that can be dangerous to your pet bird:

  • Birds are extremely sensitive to the air around them; they can be poisoned by everyday household products. Fumes produced by aerosol products, insecticides, ammonia, bleach, glues, nail polish remover, and paint can all be harmful or possibly fatal for your bird. Additional dangers also include the fumes from Teflon® coated cookware, oven cleaners, cigarette smoke, and carbon monoxide.
  • If you plan on letting your bird out of the cage, then you also need to be aware of other household dangers. No open toilets, because birds can fall in and drown. Ceiling fans should be off, windows closed, and mirrors and other reflective surfaces should be covered to prevent your bird from flying into them. Also, since birds love to chew, exposed electrical wires should be hidden—or else your bird could be electrocuted.

Most importantly, if you have a cat, never leave your bird unsupervised with it; cats instinctively stalk birds, and the consequences can be deadly. The helpful associates at Pet Supermarket can answer any questions you have regarding bird care. Pet Supermarket also has everything you need to create the perfect avian environment, from cages and accessories to foods and treats. Come in and see our selection today!