Picking toys for ferrets.

Want toy ideas to keep your playful ferret entertained? Read on for some ferret favorites…

Tubes and tunnels
Ferrets were meant to chase rabbits or rodents and love running through tubes and tunnels. The Chewbular Play Tube and other tunnel systems can provide hours of fun. The Crinkle Tunnel adds another layer of amusement with its crinkly noises.

Plush or stuffed toys
Your ferret is sure to love small plush toys he can carry, chew on or hide. Use plush or stuffed toys with squeakers or without.

Whether to play with or play in, balls are another ferret favorite. Get small plastic balls, balls with noisemakers in them or soft balls your ferret can carry. Also, ferrets love playing in large balls with holes they can climb in and out of.

Dig boxes
A dig box will satisfy your ferret’s instinct to dig. Provide a box with safe filler material such as shredded newspaper, biodegradable starch peanuts, long grain rice, clean sand, ping-pong balls, beans or pebbles. Supervise him at first to make sure he isn’t eating the filler. Also, never use Styrofoam peanuts, which can cause blockages or instant rice, which will swell in your ferret’s stomach.

Squeaky toys
Rubbery toys that squeak can also be fun, but may bring mixed reactions. Many ferrets enjoy the sound or perk up in attention, but some pounce on it as they would prey. If yours seems to react strongly, remove the squeak.

Toys to avoid
Unfortunately, ferrets can easily get intestinal blockages that could be life threatening. Avoid rubber toys that can be chewed apart into pieces or toys stuffed with plastic beads. Also, constantly review his toys for small, breakable pieces that can be swallowed.

Even with a large variety of toys, your ferret can get tired of them. Be sure to rotate his toys to prevent boredom and keep your ferret happily entertained!