How to tell when you need a new bird cage

Does Polly need a new home? You know she needs a new bird cage when…

  • There’s not as much room as you thought
    Anyone can make a mistake. Not getting a large enough cage is a serious one as it can affect your bird’s comfort, movement, safety and even behavior. For these reasons, it’s best to buy the largest cage you can afford.
  • The cage door is broken or has been “fixed”
    Did the door hinge break? It happens and you may be tempted to fix it with twist ties, binders or clips. But consider how this compromises the cage’s safety. Your bird may see the item as her new chew toy or may get her wing or foot caught in the extra space that’s now available.
  • The debris guard is cracked or missing
    If the plastic tray at the bottom of the cage gets chipped or cracked, we advise against taping it or using a sheet of cardboard. Your bird’s curiosity or love of chewing (or both) will drive her to investigate this new material, which can be harmful if ingested. Any sharp edges that get exposed through the tape can also be a hazard.
  • Cage bars are bent or pinched
    The bar strength of your cage may not hold up to your bird’s beak, especially if it’s a cage meant for a smaller species than it’s currently housing. Once you notice bent bars, keep an eye out and consider getting a new cage. If your bird is strong, it’s only a matter of time before she pinches often enough to break a bar, leaving a sharp point that can cause serious injury.
  • The paint is chipped or rusted
    Are the cage bars painted or coated? If Polly grabs the bars with her beak to move around the cage, you’ll eventually notice scratches in the paint. They may get rusted as well. Chipped paint or rust flakes can be ingested and harm your bird.

Your bird’s cage is one of the most crucial purchases you can make for your pet. It will serve as her home for many years, so make sure it offers enough protection to keep her safe and healthy. If you need a new cage, visit your nearest Pet Supermarket for a broad selection.