How to exercise your bird.

Is your pet bird getting enough exercise? Even a very large cage doesn’t always provide enough physical and mental stimulation, and that can lead to behavior problems. Here are some other ideas:

  • Allow your bird some free-flight time by letting it out of the cage. Birds are social animals, so set up perches in the family room that will let your bird interact with you and your family-basically, the “flock”. Supervise your bird while he’s out, and make sure that ceiling fans are off and any plate-glass doors or windows are covered in order to keep your bird safe.
  • A large, secure enclosure in your backyard would make a wonderful playground for your bird. Birds love to be in their natural habitat, and providing them with their own safe space to enjoy the outdoors is a great way for them to stretch their wings.

If your bird is young enough, you can even train him on a flight harness so that you can enjoy the outdoors together. Pet Supermarket has plenty of information on how you can create a happy environment for your bird. Visit your neighborhood Pet Supermarket today and check out the “Big Fun for Big Birds” sales display, where you can find a variety of toys for large birds.