It will soon be Thanksgiving, when we will give thanks for the food, family and pet friends that surround us. But as you enjoy the family feast, be careful when including your pet family.

What might be an enjoyable meal for you, could be a hazardous one for them. Here are a few tips to ensure your pet has a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.

  • Turkey dinner – It may seem healthy to feed your dog a little turkey or potatoes, but fatty skin, herbed seasoning, stuffing and other items make it a little too rich for your pet. Rich or fatty foods can cause vomiting or diarrhea, especially if your dog is accustomed to a certain diet.
  • Bones – Dogs love them. Chicken or turkey bones however can be dangerous. They splinter easily and can block or even puncture the intestinal tract, so it’s best to keep them away.
  • Begging – If you or your guests can’t resist the doggy-eyed plea for food at the table, it’s time to get sneaky. Keep a few dog snacks or treats at the table for him instead. Just don’t let feeding at the table become a habit!
  • Sweets or baked goods – You may already know that chocolate is toxic to dogs. Baking mixes, such as cake batter with raw eggs or raw bread dough, can cause harm as well. They could cause stomach discomfort or, in the case of raw eggs, an infection such as salmonella.
  • Pet-friendly Thanksgiving meal – We’re not saying Fido can’t have turkey at all. Just make it pet-friendly with no sauces, fatty skin, seasoning or bones. (Herbs like sage can cause stomach problems for cats as well.) Pet Supermarket carries Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dog Dinner and Dinner Sausage and a variety of other Thanksgiving pet meals.

We hope these tips will make your Thanksgiving a special one for your entire family, including your pets! For dog toys or treats this holiday season, visit your nearest Pet Supermarket.