Creating a safe flying environment for your bird

Does your bird get free-flight time inside your home? Here are a few precautions to make the experience a safe one.

Limit access to water
To prevent your bird from trying to drink or bathe in open water, keep the toilet covered and cover any pots of water in the kitchen. Since small birds can also get trapped in tall glasses of water, watch what you’re drinking and be mindful of any flower vases.

Make sure plants are bird friendly
Does your bird like to nibble on plants? Make sure it’s not harmful by checking this list of toxic plants.

Windows and mirrors are a hazard
Windows will attract your bird to the outdoors. Keep windows and large mirrors closed or covered so she doesn’t fly out or fly into them.

Ceiling fans should be turned off
It may be obvious, but it is easy to overlook. Make sure your ceiling fan is turned off to keep it from striking your bird.

Keep an eye on Tweety
If your bird likes to follow you, take careful note of where your bird is before sitting down, walking through a room or closing a door behind you.

Hang safe perches in the room
Encourage your bird to fly to perches or safe areas you’ve created in your home. This will keep her safe and entertained, especially if you add food cups, toys or mirrors to these areas.

Get the whole family involved in keeping Tweety safe at home and visit for your bird care needs.