How to Clean your Turtle's Shell
A turtle’s shell is made of living tissue and needs oxygen and sunlight to remain healthy. If you own a turtle, it’s important to inspect his shell monthly and clean it of the fungus and grime that could mask an infection.

Here are a few tips on cleaning your turtle’s shell safely:

  • Soak the turtle for a while in lukewarm water to loosen any debris.
  • Using a wet washcloth, gently rub the turtle’s shell to lift off any algae or grime. Shedding small flakes is normal, as long as it isn’t excessive.
  • Clean beneath the shell or carapace and wipe carefully around the head, legs, tail and neck as these areas are more sensitive.
  • Rinse the turtle in water. If needed, use a soft toothbrush to remove some of the algae.
  • Do NOT use detergents or cleansers as these will strip the shell of its oils and may harm your turtle.
  • Now inspect the shell and rub it with your fingers to feel for any soft spots, cracks or discolorations, which could be signs of shell rot or infection.
  • If the shell looks healthy, dry it off. If it seems dry or brittle, however, apply a coat of turtle shell conditioner.

A monthly cleaning and visual check will keep your turtle healthy and happy. Need turtle food and other care products? Visit Pet Supermarket for food, aquarium supplies and more.