Holiday Decorating in a Pet-Friendly Home

Festivities and family gatherings make our holidays bright. But as you decorate for the occasion, be mindful of pet hazards to ensure the “most wonderful time of the year” is safe for your dog.

Here are a few dos and don’ts for pet-friendly holiday décor.

Do light up your holiday safely
If menorahs, twinkling tree lights or holiday candles are part of your holiday tradition, be aware of the potential dangers involved. Keep open flames to a minimum as you wouldn’t want your dog’s wagging tale to start a fire! Also cover or tape down electrical cords and lights that are within chewable reach of your canine’s teeth.

Don’t expose Fido to holiday edibles
The many wonderful foods that make the holidays special for us can cause gastrointestinal distress for your dog. Be careful with edible tree decorations, gingerbread houses, candy canes and other decorative goodies as well. Even items that aren’t hazardous might cause vomiting, which won’t add to your holiday décor! Get your dog a holiday dog treat instead.

Do keep holiday gifts at a safe distance
Brightly colored packages can be tempting curiosities for your dog, but their ribbons and bows can cause choking. Your dog’s sensitive nose will also help him sniff out wrapped boxes of candy or chocolate. Since these gifts can be harmful if ingested, keep them out of reach-except for your dog’s gift of course!

Overall, it’s not hard to make your holiday at home safe and enjoyable for both human and canine family members. Add to your dog-friendly festivities with chew toys and dog treats from Pet Supermarket.