Hairball Madness: Controlling & Avoiding Cat Hairballs

Playing and cuddling are among the joys of owning a cat. Dealing with hairballs? Not so much. While hairballs aren’t exactly fun, they’re a normal occurrence for most cats. Your cat will have them less often though if you follow these tips.

Avoid or reduce hairballs with:

  • Diet
    Cats with frequent hairballs often benefit from special-needs cat food with hairball control. The formula includes fiber to help reduce the shape and regularity of hairballs.
  • Regular grooming
    Whether your cat has short or long hair, it’s important to groom her regularly. Combing and bathing her will reduce the amount of hair she ingests and cut down the buildup in her stomach and intestines.
  • Fiber supplements
    Fiber is known to help clean the intestinal lining and aid in passing hair in the stool. It’s sold in chewable treats, capsules or powder.
  • Hairball remedies
    A variety of cat hairball remedies help eliminate or prevent hairballs. They aid with digestion and include gels, lubricants and even cat grass.

Think of reducing hairballs as a way to increase kitty cuddle time! Visit or your local store for cat supplies and more help.