For many people reptiles make the perfect and most rewarding pet, but sometimes the care and cost of a reptile may be misleading.

It is important to remember that reptiles may require the same time and cost commitment as a cat or dog, and before you purchase your reptile from the store you must be properly prepared.

There are many species available that are suitable for beginners and require relatively low maintenance, but remember you will have to invest in equipment at first. It is important to be aware of the proper lighting and heating reptiles require to meet their environmental needs.

The most popular reptiles for beginners are several species of lizards and snakes. Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragons, and Blue-tongued Skinks are all easily tamable lizards. Although each species has a different diet, all three of these lizards are entertaining and easy to keep healthy and happy. Corn Snakes and Ball Pythons are popular snakes that are relatively easy to care for and only get as large as 3-5 feet. It is important when having a pet snake to be aware of their specific diet, while they can sometimes be fussy eaters.

Before purchasing your pet reptile be sure to do the proper research on the species so you are fully prepared to care for your pet.

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