Dos and Don'ts of Rabbit Housing

Bringing home a new rabbit? Every bunny needs a safe haven where he can eat, play and rest comfortably. Follow these tips and your bunny is sure to love his new home.

  • DO buy a cage or pen big enough for your rabbit. A bigger cage offers more freedom of movement.
  • DO line the litter area with rabbit-safe litter. Timothy hay, grass hay or pelleted newspaper are safe options for litter. Avoid pine/cedar shavings or clay cat litters as they can cause health problems.
  • DO use sturdy food or water bowls that can’t be tipped over.
  • DO get a home with a side opening. If your bunny is going to roam indoors occasionally, a side opening will allow him to get in and out on his own.
  • DO keep his home stocked with toys. Bunny boredom can lead to mischief! To avoid it, make sure your rabbit gets interaction and has plenty of toys. Occasional treats will also keep him healthy and entertained.
  • DON’T make your bunny live on wire flooring. Floors of wire or grating may be easier to clean, but they’re not very comfortable for your rabbit. They can also lead to sore hocks and other foot problems later. Get a home with solid flooring or insert a wooden floor or sisal mat to protect your bunny’s feet.
  • DON’T keep your bunny’s home outdoors. It may seem natural to keep rabbits outdoors, but it’s a very lonely option for these social animals. Also, rabbits can have heart attacks from fear if confronted by other animals. Keep him in an area where he is safe and can interact with you and your family instead.

Comfortable living quarters are the first step to providing a loving home for your rabbit. Stop at Pet Supermarket for rabbit cages, accessories and other essentials for a bunny in healthy hopping shape.