Your ferret should have a home that is comfortable, clean, nurturing and stimulating. Safety is also key. Remember, they like to explore and it’s their investigative natures that often get them into trouble. They’re also good climbers and expert escape artists.

To keep your little Houdini safe and secure, here are some tips…

A Ferret-Worthy Home

  • Choose the right cage. Remember, ferrets can chew their way out of plastic or vinyl, so avoid these materials. Instead, choose a metal cage with an escape-proof latch. Also, make sure the cage is at least 2-stories tall; though 3- or 4-stories would be better. The more room your pet has to explore, the better.
  • Choose the right location for his home. It should be kept in a cool, dry, shaded area that does not get direct sunlight. Ferrets can’t tolerate temperatures that exceed 80° Fahrenheit very well, since their sweat glands are not well developed.
  • Create a cozy sleep area. Ferrets like their sleep and can sleep from 15-20 hours a day. Pet blankets, batting and hammocks will provide a cozy and comfortable sleeping space.
  • Let him explore outside of his cage. Ferrets shouldn’t be caged for extended periods of time, as they require movement, interaction and companionship. Let your ferret spend a few hours a day outside of his cage.
  • Change the bedding every few days to prevent odors from forming. You should also avoid using materials that are perfumed or scented.
  • Provide a regular source of clean water and food. Ferrets drink and nibble throughout the day and need a constant supply of food and water. Make sure to change their water and refresh their food bowls often.
  • Offer toys. Ferrets like to explore and play. Add toys and other appropriate items to their homes. Feel free to ask one of store associates for toy suggestions.

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