Caring for your cat's claws.

Your cat’s healthy paws allow her to be the feline acrobat she is. To maintain those paws (and avoid cat prints on your favorite furniture), it’s important to clean and check them often. Here are some tips:

Wipe them clean
Indoor cats can get dirt or cleaning chemicals on their paws. Check her feet daily and wipe them with a damp cloth while you look between her toes for dirt or foreign objects.

Tweeze it out
If you do find a splinter or object between her toes, use tweezers to remove it. Then wash the area and use an antiseptic on any small cuts. Any wounds with blood, pus or unusual odors should be checked for infection by a vet.

Moisturize dry pads
Yes, even cats need moisturizer. Hot pavement and cold surfaces can cause dryness or damage to kitty paw pads. Use a pet-safe moisturizing product to keep them healthy.

Scratching is a must
Your cat needs to scratch to keep her claws healthy. To keep your furniture scratch-free, offer safe areas such as scratching posts and pads.

Feline manicures
Your majestic feline deserves a manicure, doesn’t she? Offering it every two weeks will not only protect her health (and her looks), but will also protect your skin, your visitors and perhaps your couch.

Read the signs
Is your cat limping? Favoring one leg? Grooming obsessively? Unless she’s a kitty drama queen, it may be time for a visit to the vet.

Above all, declawing is not recommended. Instead, use regular maintenance and training as simple and pain-free ways to keep her healthy.

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