All About a Hamster's Bulging Cheeks

You may have seen your hamster with bulging cheek pouches. What you might not know is that his cheek pouches aren’t always used for food. Read on for some interesting facts.

Did you know?

  • Hamsters stuff their cheeks to hoard food for later or to carry nesting material from one area to another. Female hamsters might also carry their pups in their cheek pouches.
  • When full, cheek pouches can make a hamster’s head double or even triple in size.
  • A hamster’s cheek pouches don’t have salivary glands and can keep contents dry and fresh.
  • Their cheeks have a rough-textured skin lining the inside. This helps keep food from moving or falling out.
  • A hamster may not have the sense to keep from overstuffing his cheeks. Don’t feed him anything sharp or sticky to avoid health problems.
  • The skin lining a hamster’s cheeks can be scratched and develop an infection or abscess. If this happens, it should be treated by a vet.
  • A cheek pouch can also turn inside out and become an everted pouch, a condition that needs medical attention.

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