Budgies and their sounds.

Budgies, also known as parakeets, are masters of noises. Having a variety of different vocal ranges and tones, these birds can be very talkative and entertaining! Watch or play with your budgie for any length of time and you may notice how the sounds they make along with their body language can tell you a lot about how they feel.

Body language is important to understand when deciphering budgie sounds. If your bird is standing or sitting still and has a relaxed demeanor about them, they are likely very happy and really enjoying their surroundings! However, if your bird is flapping their wings or pacing they could very likely be stressed or scared. Pay attention closely, and you will notice the sounds they make will vary slightly as well.

Budgie sounds include, but are not limited to: chirps, singing, loud screeching, and even talking. Chirps and singing go hand-in-hand with contentment and some chirps may be longer than others and quiet songs usually mean your Budgie is telling you they are happy and okay. Often times, Budgies will sing songs together as a group to say their flock is happy and healthy!

Budgie sounds are not always positive, and it is important to note the differences. If parakeets are in distress or trouble of any kind they may hiss or make low “screams” that could indicate pain or stress. If you find that your bird is simply stressed, covering their cage with a towel or blanket can help them calm down. However, if you are unsure it is best to take them to the vet for a proper examination.