Whether you have a Shih Tzu or a Doberman, your dog needs exercise to stay healthy and fit. Depending on your dog’s needs, a walk or a game of catch may not be enough. Add a fun activity to his exercise with one of these creative options:

  • Frisbee or Flying Disc: Does your dog like to play catch? Then he’s sure to love playing Frisbee, which can help increase his agility.
  • Biking: If you enjoy bike riding, there’s no reason to leave your dog at home. Start slowly with a walk first. He will soon be keeping pace in a workout you will both enjoy.
  • Swimming: Some dogs are natural swimmers while others may need a little coaxing, but swimming can be a refreshing, fun exercise. Add a ball or toy he can catch for even more fun. Pet Supermarket has great water toys and life jackets for all sizes and types of dogs.
  • Dog Parks: Dogs are free to run off leash and socialize with other dogs in fenced-in dog parks. Some parks also have agility equipment. No dog park nearby? Look for a local dog play group on Meetup.com or start a group in your area.

Dog Sports: If you have more time and commitment, competitive sports like agility, disc, flyball, obedience and water sports can be both challenging and rewarding.

Adding a fun activity to your dog’s exercise routine will give him a creative outlet for his energy. From frisbees and toys to leashes and lifejackets, Pet Supermarket has what you need to keep your dog active and safe.