Lifelong feathered friends

Only a few pets can serve as lifelong companions. With lifespans ranging from 5 to 100 years, many birds are among them. A bird’s lifespan depends on its care and health, but some have been known to live 40 to 60 years or more in captivity. Keep reading for a guide to common pet birds and their lifespans.

Finches and Canaries
These popular birds can live 10 years or longer with a proper diet.

Parakeets are small, hardy birds that can live 8 to 15 years with good care.

Among the smallest parrot species, lovebirds have a life expectancy of 15 years, with some living 20 or more.

Whistling and singing cockatiels often live 15 to 20 years or longer.

A cockatoo’s lifespan averages 40 to 60 years, although there have been some that lived as long as 120 years.

African Grey Parrots
A medium-sized parrot with high intelligence, African greys have been known to live 40 to 60 years in captivity.

Large macaw parrots can live 30 to 50 years or more. The smaller varieties have a shorter lifespan, often 30 years.

By knowing more about pet birds and their lifespans, you can choose one that fits your lifestyle and expectations. A large parrot, for example, might be a feathered friend for your lifetime!

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