Guinea pigs are popular pets. They’re small, fairly easy to care for and are fun to watch.

But this small animal needs a certain diet to stay healthy. Fortunately, the diet of a guinea pig is fairly easy to accommodate.

Wondering what you should be feeding your small friend? Here’s a look at a well-rounded guinea pig diet:

A large part of your guinea pig’s diet should include timothy-based pellets. They’re specially formulated with extra vitamin C, which is vital for your pet’s health. Guinea pigs don’t produce this vitamin on their own and must get it through their diet.

Don’t Forget Fruits and Veggies
Though he shouldn’t eat them all the time, your guinea pig can munch on fruit and vegetables for a treat. Fruit like apples, tomatoes, strawberries and pears are a few favorites. Carrots and leafy green vegetables, like lettuce and kale, are also guinea-pig approved. Note that you should only feed fruit occasionally, as they contain natural sugars, which can cause upset their stomach.

Fruit Tree Twigs
If you have access to a fruit tree, collect some twigs from it and offer it to your pet as a special treat. Guinea pigs are fond of dried fruit tree twigs and enjoy nibbling on them. Just a word of caution: make sure the tree hasn’t been treated with a pesticide, as this can be harmful to his health. Also, avoid twigs from trees that bear stone fruit (cherries, plums, etc.) since they have an acid that can be harmful.

Feed your guinea pig an edible variety of favorites and he will live a happy, healthy life.