All about your cat's eyes.

Cats’ eyes are fascinating! Here are some interesting facts about how your cat sees the world.

  • Cats see very well in low light (but not total darkness).

Compared to most humans, cats have poor vision. However, they can see things we can’t. They give up the ability to see fine detail and rich colors in exchange for being able to see in the dark.

  • Cats don’t see intense colors.

They’re not completely color-blind, but they see less colors than humans, and the ones they do see are less-saturated. Scientists believe that cats see blues and yellows fairly well but they can’t distinguish between reds and greens.

  • Cats’ vision is sharpest 2-3 feet from their face.

Many researchers believe cats are farsighted because their lens doesn’t change shape to compensate for focusing close up, so they don’t see fine details that we might see.

  • Domesticated cats have vertical pupils.

This allows them to open and close faster than the round pupil humans have. This helps them adjust to light changes rapidly, and to quickly detect sudden movement. Interestingly, lions and other big cats have the same round pupils that humans have.

  • In addition, the pupil also indicates emotional state.

A narrow pupil can indicate anger or irritation, while a wide open pupil is indicative of fear or excitement.