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Teaching Your Cat Not to Bite During Play

Dec_2013_3Your adorable cat or kitten likes to play with her favorite toys… your hands and fingers. What do you do? You discourage rough play and offer substitute toys instead. Here’s how:


  • Have playtime with your cat every day. Instead of using your hands, encourage her to play with toys.
  • Offer her a variety of toys. Also experiment with different toys to see which she likes best. Try toys she can chase like those with feathers or danglers. Cats also enjoy toys they can bat at, like fake mice.
  • Help your cat avoid boredom and give her new items to investigate as well, like cardboard boxes, paper bags, etc. Continue reading

Helping Cats Who Fear Guests


If you’re the parent of a fearful kitty, you’re used to seeing her scoot away and hide at the first sign of a house guest. Want some tips to help her feel more comfortable around visitors?  Focus on encouraging and rewarding her while you try these steps:

  • It’s best to let your cat approach guests. Visitors, especially children, who try to follow your cat to pet her may only frighten her more. Ask guests to let her approach instead.
  • Movement, noise and size count. Ask a friend to squat down or sit still while avoiding eye contact with your cat. This will seem less intimidating and may get her to approach.
  • With your guest on the far side of the room, offer your cat a treat or encourage her to play at a distance. Continue reading