How to Reduce Litter Box Odor

Dec_2013_3Is your kitty’s litter box overtaking your home with eau de litter? Use these tips to keep your home and kitty smelling fresh instead.

Change litter

If her litter has a strong odor, you may need to change cat litters. Test different varieties to see which your cat likes best, but consider clay-based clumping litters that contain odor blockers.

Litter deodorizer

If your litter doesn’t do the job, you could help it along by adding a cat litter deodorizer. These can often by sprayed or sprinkled onto litter to help fight odor.

Litter boxes that make a difference

Litter boxes today have new features to help control odor as well. A self-scooping litter box can scoop the box clean after every use. There are also boxes with Zeolite filters, which contain charcoal to absorb odors.

Scoop daily

The best way to reduce odor overall is to scoop out clumps and refresh the box every day, even twice a day. The box itself should be washed once a week with mild dish soap.

As a finicky feline, your cat will appreciate a clean, odor-free litter box as well. Get help when choosing cat litter and accessories from an associate at your local Pet Supermarket.