Do You Know Your Ferret Lingo?


Whether you’re new to ferrets or have been a ferret parent for years, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the ‘lingo’ used in the ferret world.

Here are some terms to use when speaking “ferret”:

AFA – The American Ferret Association – a good source of information and advice about ferrets. The group’s website can be found at

Albino – As in other species, an albino is a ferret without pigment. Albino ferrets have white fur and red eyes.

Black Sable A specific coloration of ferret: a black/brown coat with dark eyes and a dark nose.

Blaze – The streak that appears down the middle of a ferret’s head.

Blown Coat or Blowing Their Coat – When ferrets shed their long winter fur for spring time.

Business – The group name for a number of ferrets.

Carpet  Shark – Another name for ferrets who slink around on the carpet and nip at toes or feet.

Champagne – A pale tan coat color.

Chocolate – A rich brown or light & dark brown coat color.

Condos and Mansions – Fun terms used to describe large ferret cages.

Dooking- A chortling or chuckling noise made by ferrets when they’re happy, excited or playing.

Gib – A neutered male ferret.

Kit – A baby ferret.

Poofing– When a ferret releases odor from his scent glands, usually after being startled, frightened or displeased. The odor is noticeable, but temporary.

Scruffing– To grab a ferret by the skin at the back of his neck, the way a mother would carry her kits.

SND Syndrome (Sleeping, Not Dead) – When a ferret is so deeply asleep, he won’t awaken easily. 

Sprite– A spayed female ferret.

Weasel War Dance – A happy dance. When an excited ferret bounces around with his back arched, mouth open and tailed puffed out.

Enjoy your ferret fur ball and remember that ferrets have their own individual personalities. Some will be more talkative than others.