Why Play is Important for Cats

Mar_2014_2If you’re the loving parent of an indoor cat, it’s important to know how important play is to her quality of life.

Unlike her wild cousins, she doesn’t spend her time hunting or playing freely. It’s up to you to create these opportunities for her. This makes play time vital for her wellbeing.

Why kitty needs play time every day:

  • Activity will keep your cat fit, which helps stave off weight and health problems.
  • Play time will help you bond with your cat.
  • Controlled play will burn up kitty energy,  Leaving her less likely to cause mayhem and disturbances at night.
  • Play allows your cat to use and develop instinctive skills. Kittens learn a lot by playing with their litter mates in the early months of life.
  • Games and rewards can train your cat in appropriate behaviors, including not biting or scratching.

When playing, keep it simple. Give her something to chase or “hunt,” like a toy or a laser pointer (avoid aiming it at her eyes). She’ll also enjoy dangling toys that make her jump or interactive toys that make her search for treats.

Play with your cat daily and make sure she has toys and areas for play, even when alone. You’ll find yourself with a healthier, happier cat!

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