Why Your Cat Goes Crazy for Certain Toys


Does your cat prefer to dart after mice or leap for birds or bugs? She might not be chasing the real thing, but your feline predator is likely to have a favorite prey. Knowing her preference can point you to her favorite type of toy as well. Use these tips to find out which prey toys will get the most attention.

Experiment with toys that mimic each type of prey and watch her reactions carefully.

  • Birds flying – To see if your cat likes to play with feathered friends, get a bird-like toy that dangles or chirps. Make it move and fly through the air. Does your cat follow and watch it intently? Does she try to reach it or does she ignore it?
  • Mice scampering – Next, try to tempt her with a mouse-like toy including a small stuffed animal or squeaking toy. As it moves along the ground, does your kitty give chase? Does she pay attention or is she waiting for the bird to return?
  • Bugs buzzing – Lastly, try a small toy that moves quickly like a bug. It can be a string with a small knot, ball or treat or even a laser toy. If she loves the quick movement and tries to chase it, you may have found her favorite.

Alternate using the toys a few times and you may notice a difference in your kitty’s reactions. If you do, take it as a sign it’s the prey toy that gets her the most excited. If she plays with each, she may like all three!

Let your cat play hunter with a variety of toys available at your nearest Pet Supermarket.